“Beyond Capitalism: A Vision to Guide and Inspire Us Now”

Date:  Sunday, October 28, 2007
Speaker:  Michael Albert

Michael Albert is a long time activist, author and builder of alternative institutions. He was a sixties activist, who helped found South End Press and then Z Magazine and finally the web site he now works at called ZNet. He has written very extensively, including articles and books, and traveled widely for public speaking. He is co-author and a tireless advocate of the economic vision called participatory economics, or parecon, and of an encompassing social system called the participatory society. His most recent publication is an extensive memoir titled, Remembering Tomorrow: From SDS to Life After Capitalism. He speaks widely on many topics, from current events to media to political and social strategy, but his main focus for this presentation will be economic vision.

“What is an economy? What would we like an economy to accomplish for us? Why should we be dissatisfied, even horror stricken, at the economy we now endure? What kind of new institutions composing a new economy, then, might we seek for our future? If we favor such a new economy, what implications does it have for what we do now, in the present? Broadly answering these questions in a presentation, and then discussing whatever issues arise for people, will the aim of this presentation.”

Suggested Reading:
The ZNet website (www.zmag.org) and particularly the parecon and parsoc parts of it.
The books, Parecon: Life After Capitalism (Verso) and Realizing Hope (Zed).