“Utah’s Air Pollution: Should You Give Up & Move Out of State?”

Date:  Sunday, December 9, 2007
Speaker:  Dr. Brian Moench, M.D.

Dr. Moench is the president of the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment which was formed in February 2007 because of the apparent lack of interest by our local and state politicians in solving our air pollution problems. He was educated at Stanford University and the University of Utah with a residency in Anesthesiology and a fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine from Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA. He is a former instructor in Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and currently in private practice at LDS Hospital.

“The Wasatch Front consistently ranks in the top ten worst parts of the country for acute spikes in air pollution. The problem will get worse without major changes in public policy. This is an obvious aesthetic and economic liability for all residents, but new medical studies are very clear: it is a much more serious public health hazard than previously thought. Come find out what it is doing to you and your family and what can be done about it.”

Suggested Reading:

Health Effects of Fine Particulate Air Pollution: Lines that Connect. C. Arden Pope and Douglas Docker. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association, Vol. 56 June 2006