They Died on October 2, 1853 History, Archeology and One Event of the Walker War

Date:  Sunday, February 28, 2010
Speaker:  Ron Rood

Ron Rood is the Assistant State Archaeologist for the state of Utah. He has a BA in anthropology from Fort Lewis College and a MA in anthropology / archaeology from Wichita State University. In his job he manages the Human Remains Recovery Program for the Utah Division of state History. In addition, Rood works with avocational archaeological groups like the Utah Statewide Archaeological Society on preservation, research and public outreach projects throughout Utah.

“The summer and fall of 1853 was a violent period in Utah Territory. The “Walker War” consisting of a series of guerrilla attacks by pioneers and Native Americans along the Wasatch Front and beyond had prompted many settlers to “fort-up”. On October 2nd, 1853 several Native American men and boys were killed in Nephi Utah at the hands of the militia. The events leading up to their death and descriptions of their death are known in the historic record. However, through an inadvertent discovery of a mass grave during the construction of a new house in Nephi, the dead now have a chance to speak and through archaeology, their story can be told.”