Some Assembly Required: Health Reform and Utah

Date:  Sunday, September 26, 2010
Speaker:  Jenny Pathak, Utah Health Policy Project

“Have questions about federal health reform? Want a clear explanation of what’s in the new law and how it will affect you and your family? Health reform provides immediate and long-term benefits to seniors, people with pre-existing conditions, small businesses, those of us with insurance, the uninsured—the list goes on.” UHPP speaker Jenny Pathak will outline the reforms and explain how—and when—they will bring you added choice and security.


A Federal Israel-Palestine, Ending 100 Years of War?

Date:  Sunday, September 12, 2010
Speaker:  Chibli Mallat

 Chibli Mallat is Presidential Professor of Law and Professor of Middle Eastern Law and Politics at the University of Utah, and EU Jean Monnet Professor of European Law at Saint Joseph’s University in Lebanon. He is the author or editor of some thirty books in Arabic, French and English, including The Renewal of Islamic Law, Cambridge 1993; The Middle East into the 21st Century, Reading 1996; Introduction to Middle Eastern Law, Oxford 2007; and Iraq: Guide to Law and Policy, Austen 2009. A lawyer by profession, he is active in the democratic, non-violent movement in the Middle East and ran for the presidency in his native Lebanon in 2005-7.

Professor Mallat asks, “What if we have been dead wrong in our search for peace in the Holy Land? What if we read what happened in Palestine-Israel in the past hundred or so years with the incorrect lens? What if we have been misdiagnosing the conflict and continue to do so? What if we saw it mostly as a West-East conflict of civilizations, or an Arab-Israeli conflict, instead of reading it as a civil war? What if we simply ignored our democratic, human rights values in the conflict of individuals and peoples over Palestine? And what happens if we reverse our reading, and seek a way for people to live together, with equal rights, over that small stretch of land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, instead of seeking their separation and respective ethnic cleansing? And we substitute a federal Israel-Palestine to the two-state solutions deadlock?”

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