Cultivating An Ecologically Healthy Future One Tree At A Time

Date:  Sunday March 27, 2011
Speakers:  Vaughn Lovejoy and Hob Calhoun

Vaughn Lovejoy is the Community Orchard Program Coordinator for TreeUtah and has served as Planting Project Coordinator since TreeUtah’s inception in 1989. Vaughn works closely with students from the University of Utah and was on the advisory board of the Lowell Bennion Center. He has been planting trees and doing habitat restoration work on the South Jordan Audubon Site for the past 11 years. Vaughn is now concentrating on developing and caring for TreeUtah’s Community Orchard and EcoGarden programs located at the Day-Riverside Library in Rose Park.

As TreeUtah’s Senior Forester, Hob Calhoun oversees the organization’s urban and community forestry programs. He has a master’s degree in forest science from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Hob has served as an environmental educational consultant for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Smithsonian Institution. He is a founding board member of several nonprofits including the New England Environmental Education Association, the Western Shore Conservancy of the Central Atlantic States, and a local organization, GreenTree Yoga, which provides free yoga programs in Utah schools.

“Trees provide very real and practical ecological, economic, energy-saving, wild-life habitat and human social benefits. Vaughn and Hob will present the latest science about the sometimes surprising ways trees benefit us and our planet. They’ll also outline the programs TreeUtah provides to further tree planting and care in our valley and discuss ways you can help make Utah greener and healthier, one tree at a time.”

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Journalism: What We Want and Need to Save

Date:  Sunday March 13, 2011
Speaker:  Kim Zarkin

 Kim Zarkin, Ph.D. is an associate professor of communication at Westminster College. She teaches broadly in communication, including journalism, advertising and public relations. She also chairs the Gender Studies program. Dr. Zarkin has published two books, Anti-Indecency Groups and the Federal Communications Commission: A Study in the Politics of Broadcast Regulation (2003) and The Federal Communications Commission Front Line in the Culture and Regulation Wars (2006). Dr. Zarkin has a Ph.D. from the University of Florida, an M.A. in Radio from Emerson College in Boston, and a B.A. in Mass Communications from James Madison University.

“Many media advocacy groups have begun to call for a National Journalism strategy, saying that our democracy can’t survive without a functioning news media. But what exactly do we want and need to save? Is the internet the cause of all our woes or the solution? Or both? Is the key saving newspapers or should we be worrying about saving newsrooms? And what role should the government play in all of this? This talk will explore what kind of journalism is needed to ensure that our democracy continues to function.”

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