Nanotechnology – Challenges and Potential to Change our World

Date:  Sunday November 13, 2011
Speaker:  Rajesh Menon

 Rajesh Menon has pioneered several technologies that will enable far-field optics to manipulate and image matter with nanoscale resolution, something that was thought impossible until a few years ago. He is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award and the International Commission of Optics Prize. He currently directs the Laboratory for Optical Nanotechnologies at the University of Utah. Prior to that, Rajesh was a research engineer at MIT’s Research Laboratory of Electronics, where he remains an affiliate. He graduated with the S.M and Ph.D degrees from MIT. In addition, he served as the Chief Technology Officer of LumArray, Inc., a company he co-founded.

Nanoscale science and technology have had a profound impact on our lives; sometimes in ways that were unintended. In this presentation, I will attempt to provide an overview of the current landscape of commercialized technologies and their impact. In addition, I will focus on a few remarkable areas of research that span the diverse field of nanotechnology including novel approaches to manufacturing and inspecting nanostructures, and their unique applications in optics, bioengineering and energy technologies.”

Speaker-Suggested References and Resource:
The website of the National Nanotechnology Initiative
MIT Institute for soldier nanotechnologies
California Nanosystems Institute
Laboratory for Optical Nanotechnologies (University of Utah)