We Don’t All Fall Down: Aging and the Risk of Injury

Date:  Sunday February 26, 2012
Speaker:  Linda Edelman RN, PhD

Linda Edelman received a Masters of Philosophy in Experimental Pathology at the University of Utah in 1993 and a BSN from the University of Utah College of Nursing in 1995. Dr. Edelman earned a PhD in nursing from the University of Utah College of Nursing. Her dissertation used probabilistic linkage and GIS mapping to describe burn injuries in Utah. Since joining the faculty at the University of Utah College of Nursing her research focus has been on injuries occurring to older adults living in Utah. She is a 2010 John A. Hartford and Atlantic Philanthropies Claire M. Fagin Fellow.

Older adults are vulnerable to injury. Lifestyle and sociodemographic factors, as well as geographic and neighborhood factors, influence perceptions of injury and injury risk. Availability of community resources and access to health care further impact the risk of injury for older adults. This talk will explore the aging phenomenon and describe injuries occurring to older adults in Utah in the context of the communities in which they occur.”

Speaker-Suggested References and Resources:
Websites on Aging –
Websites on Injuries –


Building Digital Collections: A behind-the-scenes view of creating digital libraries

Date:  Sunday February 12, 2012
Speaker:  Kinza Masood

Kinza Masood came to the United States from Pakistan as a student in 1998. She started working at the University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library as a part time employee in 2000. She has a degree in Business, with an emphasis in Information Systems. She heads the Digital Operations division at the J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.

“The J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah hosts more than 100 outstanding digital collections, containing over 1 million digital photographs, newspapers, maps, books, audio recordings, and other items. This presentation is provides information about the journey of physical content to digital format, through the process of digitization, including information on making digital content available for online viewing.”

Speaker Suggested References and Resources:
Willard Marriott Library’s Digital Collections –