Road to Peace–Abolish War?

Date:  Sunday March 25, 2012
Speaker:  Andrew Schoenberg, Ph.D.

Andy Schoenberg was a professor of Bioengineering and Rehab Medicine at the University of Utah before retiring in 1999. Andy coordinated the World Peace and Citizenship Seminar at the University of Utah for 10 years. He also works with Utah Campaign for Abolishing Nuclear Weapons (UCAN) and Utah Population and Environment Coalition. He is President Elect of the United Nations Association of Utah. In September 2000 he received the Gandhi Peace Award for his work in promoting peace and human rights. More recently Andy has taught a class at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute titled “The Road to Just Peace.”

This presentation will examine the causes of war and possible steps individuals and nations can take to establish a more just and peaceful world. The ultimate goal is that, like slavery, humans can abolish warfare as a legitimate means of establishing government or control over territory, ideology, religious beliefs and/or resources. The objective is to provide a realistic view of the true costs of “modern” war and the most pressing need to eliminate weapons of mass destruction. The road to peace will require the political will to accept universal human rights, international laws and conventions as well as changing our own attitudes about “others” and “our enemies” and our need to dominate others by military power. Participants will be encouraged to join groups that promote peace, justice and human rights. We believe that with the increased knowledge and understanding of the issues, participants will become active citizens by communicating with their representatives and the greater public

Speaker-Suggested References and Resources:
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Land Arts & Activism

Date:  Sunday, March 11, 2012
Speaker:  Hikmet Sidney Loe

Hikmet Sidney Loe has been enthralled with the environs of the Great Salt Lake since her explorations to find Robert Smithson’s earthwork, the Spiral Jetty, in 1995. She is an active member of Friends of Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College, a curator, and a writer. As an independent interpreter for the Center of Land Use Interpretation, she often tours the lake with individuals and groups. She has taught art history at Westminster College since 2006, and has also taught at the University of Utah and Weber State University. Her extensive exploration of the Spiral Jetty will published this year by the Utah State University Press in a book titled The Spiral Jetty and Rozel Point: Rotating Through Time and Place. For more information, please visit

There is a preconceived notion that Land Art – art based in the land, often using organic materials – is a passive form of art to be visited in vast environs of the West, viewed for a short time then remembered as a journey leading to a famous work of art. Utah’s two internationally honored earthworks, the Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson (1970) and Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt (1973-1976) are near the top of the list for those seeking aesthetic experiences in the land. Yet, in 2007 and in 2008, two instances of potential oil exploration and drilling in Great Salt Lake and in Utah’s west desert led to active engagement with Utah’s earthworks and drew attention to the broader environment and ecological issues. This lecture will present a brief overview of each work, describe the circumstances surrounding the activities of 2007 and 2008, and conclude with current outcomes. Broader questions arise as we examine what it means to have a work of art in the land that is not curated or monitored, yet draws attention to contemporary environmental and ecological issues.”

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