“Breaking Bad” in Smog Lake City

Date:  Sunday February 23, 2014
Speaker:  Dr. Brian Moench

Brian Moench, MD is founder and president of the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, the largest civic organization of health care professionals in the state of Utah and a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists. He is a member of the Radiation and Health Committee of the Physicians for Social Responsibility and a former member of the University of Utah Honors Program faculty, teaching public health and the environment. An outspoken critic of state and federal public policy regarding environmental and public health protection, Dr. Moench is a frequent contributor to opinion sections of newspapers and progressive online news sites throughout North America with about 100 opinion pieces published on the public health consequences of environmental degradation. He is a constant thorn in the side of Governor Gary Herbert and most state agencies. In 1968, he was the first political opponent of the now infamous Karl Rove.

“Air pollution used to be considered unhealthy because it aggravated diseases of the lung and
maybe the heart. Air pollution has now been firmly linked to diseases of virtually every organ
system, including cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes and even inflammatory bowel disease. At the cellular level, it even affects chromosomes making the impact multi-generational.”

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Great Salt Lake and How It Impacts Us along the Wasatch Front

Date:  Sunday February 9, 2014
Speaker:  Dave Shearer

Dave Shearer is the Harbor Master for the Great Salt Lake Marina. As well as operating and sailing on the lake, Dave has also raced sailboats all over the world. He has lived at the Great Salt Lake Marina for 15 years and has traveled to most every place possible on the lake. He has spent much of his time studying this unique body of water as well has its history.

Great Salt Lake, our inland sea. “Most everyone knows that the lake is here. But they know so little about her. Great Salt Lake is a very unique and dynamic body of water. This salty body of water is actually responsible for our recreational reservoirs and our drinking water along the Wasatch Front. Without it the Wasatch Front would not be able to support the population base that it has. How does Great Salt Lake impact us? How important is it that we understand and preserve this unique inland sea? How is it that the second driest state in the nation has the largest body of water west of the Mississippi?”

Speaker Suggested Resources:
The Great Salt Lake by Dale L. Morgan
Exploration of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake by Howard Stansbury
Tale of the Lucin by David Peterson
Saltair by Nancy D. McCormick and John S. McCormick