Tales from the Underbelly: My Journey to Know and Love Great Salt Lake

Date:  Sunday, October 11, 2015
Speaker:  Jaimi Butler

Meet & Greet: 1:45 pm • Presentation: 2:00 pm
Salt Lake Main Library, 210 East 400 South
Fourth Floor Meeting Room

Biologist Jaimi Butler earned her Fisheries degree in 1999 from Utah State and in a giant twist of irony inadvertently found herself working in fish-less Great Salt Lake as a brine shrimp biologist (with an ever-expanding affinity to the birds who eat them). She immediately found our unique salty neighbor to be her place and since 1999 has been an enthusiastic student of all aspects of the lake. Jaimi’s entire professional career has been at Great Salt Lake including working in academia, with the brine shrimp harvesting industry and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program. Currently coordinator for Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College Jaimi helps faculty and students perform lake research and works to convince people how great the Great Salt Lake really is. In her free time Jaimi can be found trying to maintain her sanity as a wife of a government employee and mother of a threenager and a teenager.

The underbelly of Great Salt Lake is where Jaimi Butler came to know and love our salty neighbor. Through a series of unique–and sometime irreverent–stories and characters she will take us on a journey through the science of the Great Salt Lake, from the barges of brine shrimp harvesters, the gambling habits of native peoples and birding at 50 miles per hour. We will come to know the lake with a unique perspective emphasizing the inter-connectedness of our Great Salt Lake to us, its human neighbors.

References and Resources:

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